The ONLINE LEADER Learning Management System (LMS) provides your organization with a dedicated and secure cloud-based Online Learning Portal to host training for your staff. The portal can be branded with your colours, logo, and pictures.

Host on-demand courses that your staff can take anywhere they have access to WIFI and whenever it is convenient to them.  No more worries about synchronizing schedules.  

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The Learning Portal Has a Full Dashboard of Options

The eLearnology LMS Learning Portal has a full dashboard of options including:


  • INTERACTIVE CALENDAR enables you to easily update staff with meeting dates, special events, onsite training, and other organization-specific events.


  • EASY ACCESS TO FORMS allows staff to securely download YOUR standard operational practices manual, forms, planning tools, or any document in PDF format.


  • ACTIVITY PLAN LIBRARY is a sophisticated database that stores all your activity plans, allowing staff to search for program planning ideas based on a wide range of criteria (age group, length of activity, and activity type). Staff can search, view, and print a pdf version of their daily activities they plan to lead with the children. You can also take videos of the games and activities with your iPhone and upload the video footage into the library. These How-To videos can accelerate the learning of games and increase confidence in your staff’s leadership skills.


  • TUTORIALS eLearnology's off-the-shelf tutorials can be purchased and loaded into your portal. Choose from two off-the-self ONLINE LEADER Standard Operating Practices and Procedure Tutorials designed for different audiences (Aquatics Staff and Recreation Staff). Alternatively, coming soon (summer 2021) use the built-in Course Builder feature to design your own training right in the Academy.  Upload recorded PowerPoint presentation to create courses on the fly as things change within your organizations practices.


  • REPORTS allow you to track your staff’s learning and verify the successful course completion status for each learner.  

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Course Builder

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