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from 2 off-the-shelf courses

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Just imagine staff arriving for on-site training already primed with an understanding of your organization’s key Policies and Procedures! Two customizable versions of ONLINE LEADER Training Tutorials are available: one for Aquatics and the other for Recreation staff. Each tutorial has four comprehensive modules:

1. Role of the Leader

2. Safety & Supervision
3. Positive Leadership
4. Program Planning

ONLINE LEADER tutorials allow you to customize the training modules by integrating your organization’s standard practices into critical “must know” topics covered in each module.


This training has been designed to provide leaders with important information about standard operating practices as it relates to their specific day-to-day tasks.


Our unique scenario-based learning allows staff to practice applying standards and test their judgement. This scenario-based learning is embedded throughout each module and helps learners to process and retain key information.


ONLINE LEADER has received outstanding reviews from recreation and aquatic leaders as well as program Supervisors/Managers. They reported that the scenario-based learning easily helped leaders apply standard operating practices to common, relevant situations that they experienced on the job because they were able to imagine themselves in the online scenarios. 

...or create your own courses

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