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 Course Builder Software

Create Online Training for your staff in 5 easy steps!

Use the Course Builder feature to create training that is relevant and specific to your program. You can create training quickly in
5 easy steps, enroll your staff and track their progress on the Online Leader Portal. 
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Preparing leaders for camp has never been more important.

You can create courses quickly by uploading PDF documents, videos, or recorded PowerPoint presentations.  The Online Leader Portal is a Learning Management System often referred to as an LMS, which will also host powerful interactive training using in Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 authoring tools.  This gives you the flexibility to create training with interactive quizzes.


Once you create a course you can enroll your learners in the course. You can assign each learner their own unique set of courses that they can easily launch from their dashboard once they sign-in.  The course builder allows you to front load learning before they arrive at your onsite training. With Course Builder you can design online training specific to your standard operating practices. This allows you to test their judgment and identify gaps in learning before they arrive at your on-site training. Now you can use your in-person camp training time more effectively with time to spare for important team building and leadership initiatives.  For your convenience learner completion reports can be downloaded in PDF or CSV spreadsheet file format.

The Online Leader Course Builder allows you to:

  • Create courses quickly so that you can respond to changing guidelines

  • Upload recorded PowerPoints and videos

  • Supplement your Zoom training with on-demand training

  • Track if staff have completed the training

  • Allow late hires to catch up with training



Course Builder allows you to take control of your staff training in 5 easy steps:

1. Take videos of your procedures with your mobile phone or create a PowerPoint and save it as an MP4 video.

2. Log in to your Online Leader Portal admin account and create a new course.  Add a title for your course, a description, and a thumbnail.  You can even add a customized certificate of completion.

3. Upload any reference materials or workbooks and add helpful links

4. Add new videos to create new lessons and divide your content into modules by selecting the ADD SECTION button.


5. Now enroll your staff in your new course and you are set to go! login information will automatically be sent to your staff by email to notify them to take the course.


Book a consultation to learn more about Course Builder and the Online Leader Learning Platform.

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